The "Digital Canvas" concept arose from the feeling that modern advertising had become increasingly homogeneous and lacking in creativity. At its best, advertising is a creative media that can be considered an art form in its own right, but with the odd exception this appears to have been lost over the years.


The Shoreditch Digital Canvas seeks to provide a unique platform to encourage and inspire creativity within the media sector, as well as providing an opportunity to bring un-commissioned artworks to the street. A minimum of 20% of the display time will be made available to a Curating Committee who will seek submissions of artworks primarily from locally based artists looking for increased exposure of their work.

The gable wall at 121 City Road, opposite Old Street Roundabout is the perfect location for piloting this idea. Located in a prominent position in the heart of Shoreditch, it presents an opportunity to replace a tired old billboard with a digital sculpture that activates and enlivens the whole corner of the junction. A new piece of artistic infrastructure - a blank digital canvas - will be paid for by advertisers and will be paid for by advertisers and will be embraced by the local creative community and will have a regenerative effect on the local area.

The proposal is being led by Jason Bruges Studio in association with commercial partners Wildstone Media Consulting and the appointed members of the advisory panel (Curating Committee). Formed in 2002,  Jason Bruges Studio (JBS) design and build interactive installations that create innovative and engaging spaces that connect people with their environment. They are a multi-disciplinary team of architects, lighting designers, electronic engineers, programmers, visualisers, industrial designers and mechanical engineers. Their practice is based in Old Street, Hackney the hub of the creative and digital industry in Europe.

Wildstone Media Consulting provides a turnkey service for landlords in the public and private sector who are looking to develop parts of their landholdings for advertising. Established in 2010, Wildstone has been at the forefront of the digital revolution in the sector and lead the way in innovative outdoor advertising with a special focus on exceptional design.



The Curating Committee

Jason Bruges Studio is an established part of the creative community in Shoreditch and often works in partnership with other media and creative agencies in the area. 


For the proposal to work to its full potential, there needs to be a steady flow of content, which will need to be curated to maintain quality. 

The Curation of the displays will be managed by a committee which will include stakeholders in the site and in the local area. The committee has recently been established in accordance with a Terms of Reference, agreed with Hackney Council Regeneration.

Artistic submissions can be made via this website. For further information please contact us or any member of the Curating Committee.






















Please contact us directly if you wish to add your name to this list.